Photo montage "House of two moons"

Photomontage "House of two moons", the amplitude of the universe

Photo montage House of two moons

Photo montage made ​​with Corel Draw the illustration program, in which there´s a house on fire on a mini-planet-earth fictional, that has two moons. To carry out this montage, I used at least four different images, the fire, the house, the moon, etc.

In this work, despite the amplitude of universe that surrounds the house, which even has two moons, there is a clear claustrophobic environment. Located in the center of the assembly, the burning house and its residents, can not go anywhere for shelter, because of the small planet on which it is located and although the fire apparently originated upstairs.

"Photo montage House of two moons, the amplitude of universe, created from different pictures, using Corel Draw, the illustration program."

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