Basic web design: the most economical solution

We design your website at the best price: the most economical solution

The Basic web design budget that we propose has everything you need to start getting to know yourself on the internet, in addition to the best price. Whether you are a new company, or a small business, or if you want to make yourself known on the internet, our basic web design will provide what is necessary for you to appear on the pages of Google, and of the main internet search engines, without the need to spend large Extra money amounts.

Basic Web Design


  • Creation of 3 links (home page, contact us and who we are).
  • Personalized design.
  • Responsive design (adaptable to mobile devices)
  • Links to social networks.
  • Optimization of the images and code of the page (until the delivery of the page).
  • Send of sitemap to search engines (Google and Bing).
  • Google Analytics tracking code.

The basic web design includes the home page and two other linked pages that can be the ones you choose of the type "who we are", "Contact us", etc. In any case you must provide us with the text of the different pages and the different contents that you want to appear on them, such as images, logos, etc.

The code used is proprietary and can be PHP or HTML in its latest versions, so it has an optimal performance that, combined with the optimization of the different images and the page code, offers as a result the loading of the site in such just a few seconds, reducing the annoying wait time of site visitors.

The design is completely customized, we do not use templates or CMS (of the type WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.), so any design can be done without being subject to the one used by the design of a template, thus lightening the code to the strictly necessary , both by HTML and CSS or JavaScript code. It includes links to social networks of the business or to the personal accounts you choose. It also has a responsive design that adapts to the width of the screen, so it will look good regardless of the device used, both on a computer and on a mobile or tablet.

In addition to the 3 pages mentioned above, this design has a special "Sitemap" page with links to the entire site and another link to this page in XML format, compatible with the main Internet search engines, so that they can index and display the different pages of the site in the search results.

We also take care of sending the site to the different search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) so that it can be shown in the search results, at the same time that we create the Google Analytics account associated with the site by which you can know how many visitors you receive Your web page as well as other information related to visits to your site.

In short, the basic web design budget includes everything you need to appear on the internet and make a good impression without spending large amounts of money, a perfect economic solution for everyone and for all budgets. Explain your project by sending us an inquiry through the contact form.

* Prices may change depending on the project, to confirm the price of a particular project send us an email explaining your specific case.

Basic web design is the perfect solution for all budgets