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Web Page Design for Camden English Academy, an example of SEO from the start

Web Page Design for Camden English Academy from Murcia, using html, php, javascript and css. It is developed with the same system as this site, which is a modification of osCommerce optimizing it for search engines, disabling the functions for online sales, improving load times in just a few seconds.

The banner shows a different picture, of a total of four images, depending on the section in which the visitor is, are images of London´s Camden Town.

Due to the perfect content planning early and thanks to have clear ideas about what was required, this website was hosted by google with great success, and positioning rising rapidly, in just a few months, in the search for the keywords "English school" or "English school in Murcia" in the search of Murcia and surroundings. This is a perfect example of SEO and how it can help a website in search engine optimization, web design making, with a few links, quickly climb the search results due to its perfect indexing.

The design of the page, as the logo and the php and mysql programming, have been made ​​entirely by banglets.com.

Web Page Design for Camden English Academy from Murcia, an example of SEO done right from the start

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