Cromados Luis website design using Adobe Flash

Cromados Luis home page

Web site Design for Cromados Luis company from Murcia using Adobe Flash

Web design using Adobe Flash and ActionScript 2 programming language.

Partial participation in the development of the website.

Made in collaboration with the graphic and multimedia design company Red Litoral (Exomed) for a particular client from Murcia.

The website design and programming are by Banglets, was the old logo from the Cromados Luis company and the intro made ​​by my boss and fellow from the media section of Red Litoral (Exomed). Subsequently added new pictures and a video that were not in the original page.

It has some details that it´s not seen with normal eyes and for me, personally, I really like, such as: music fading navigate when selecting audio and brightness in the main logo and the background logo passing over them, randomly.

This was one of the first pages I did with Red Litoral (Exomed) and the only that was made ​​entirely using Adobe Flash.

Cromados Luis web site design made in Adobe Flash for a client from Murcia through the graphic and multimedia design company Exomed

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