Web design and SEO for Globalbathroom

Globalbano.com home page

Web design and SEO for the online retail store Globalbathroom.com from Murcia using osCommerce modified

Web design done for a particular client from Murcia using php, html, css and javascript on the osCommerce platform.

Globalbathroom is an online portal of sinks, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, toilets and everything related to the bathroom sector.

For the programing of this site I used osCommerce modifyed to introduce a system of stores throughout Spain. This system was later exported to the Bañored website that was dedicated for exclusive use by companies, leaving Globalbathroom as a normal online store selling.

As for SEO and search engine optimization, this is a clear example of what can happen if you do not have a clear idea from the outset. Because the page was originally created to sell only for bathroom stores, first positioned with the keywords "bathrooms shops" and "bathroom stores", which searches to date, still appears. Later, with the change of type of store to sell to individual customers and extracting shops and professionals to bañored, we attempted to position for terms of search like "bathroom furniture" or "shower trays", getting achievements, something over time, the first set of search, but not with the second results till date.

Programming and design of the page are made by Banglets, the logo was made by a graphic designer from Murcia.

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