Web design of www.skippertime.com

Web design of www.skippertime.com

Web design of the watches store www.skippertime.com

After carrying out the optimization and maintenance of the website www.switzerwatch.com, it was a matter of time before I came across an entire design project for an online watches sales site. This came from www.skippertime.com, a new online watches store that would focus not only on one watch brand but on the main watches brands in the market: Tissot, Certina, Casio, Seiko...

With the possibility of including some day jewelry on the site, choose to create a home page with links to the main categories-brands of the site, with the description of the online store and a section where all watches with links to different brands.

The idea was to create the largest catalog of watches online with as much information as possible of each of the watches and brands, which was also completely adaptive and responsive for any type of window and device size and that would have large images to be able to see each of the watches in detail, making use of the latest advances in PHP, HTML5, CSS and javascript.

After studying the catalogs of the different watches brands. Tissot, Certina, Casio, and Seiko (until now I had only worked with Swatch watches), the result was to differentiate between features and functions, creating "fixed" fields for each one of the items, but they also admit a description to complete their information, so that the search could be done through the fixed field and in the information of the watch the extended description will appear if there is one. I went even further and each of the features and functions allowed a greater description to inform potential customers with an explanation of each of them and their different varieties, which allows to display the watches according to each of these functions or features making it easier to find a watch among all the models in the store.

Regarding CSS use a font of google fonts for text, Font Awesome for different icons, a different CSS according to the four possible sizes: 1250px, 1024px, 650px and below this last measure for mobile, etc.

It is the first web page that I design with an optimization according to PageSpeed ​​Insights of 100% and according to GTmetrix of 99% (depending on the page that is analyzed). The time of the page has a load average of about 3 seconds, although using the indication "Above The Fold Optimization" the load time of the visible part is practically below the second, the server responds later than the delivery of the different elements of the web page.

Web design of www.skippertime.com, the online watches store with the main brands in the world of watchmaking: Tissot, Certina, Casio, Seiko...

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