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Design of the official website of the group Viva Suecia

Minimalist design based on the cover and back cover of the EP designed by newlayer of group Viva Suecia that came out on October 28, 2014.

The most important thing for a band´s visibility in social media, so paramount in the design of this website was to unify and bring attention to all those links that point to social networking band. I also chose to add two boxes with the latest publications from the band´s two most important social networks so far: Facebook and Twitter.

A simple page with one important section in which concerts and events the group is sorted by date. This section uses the jQuery ajax to load the events, giving a choice of three display types: "next", "finished" and "all"; two types of order: ascending and descending two modes: list or calendar.

As for the CSS display highlight the cell using the same css website but supplementing it with a style online amending acomplando display design according to the screen resolution. Also using CSS and comparing different event dates used different colors to show the three types of events. Upcoming events are displayed with a pink background, those who have already completed a background of green and those scheduled for today are shown with a green background.

To highlight the events in the Google search engine I used microformats event type for each of the entries that appear on the page.

Minimalist design of the website for Viva Suecia group in which the events and concerts of the music group are sorted by date

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