Banglets: Graphic and web design and SEO optimization

Over 15 years of experience in graphic design, web designer and search engine optimization (SEO) expert by naturally way

With over 15 years of experience in graphic and web designer, I have performed over 20 different projects, from ad design and photomontages, to complex projects of online sale website and corporate image of companies.

In recent years I have specialized in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), optimizing web pages I´ve done and improve the positioning in the various Internet search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo ...), getting great achievements reaching naturally (without using Google AdWords, except for Globalbathroom), in just a few months of publication of the pages on Internet.

As a SEO expert I managed sites like or to appear in the top search results, using relatively common keywords, such as "bathroom furniture" or "bathroom stores", have came to have more than 800 hits a day, according to the "Search Queries" of Google webmaster tools and more than 1500 hits a day according to Google Analytics. I also located page by searching for the terms "English academy" in first place in the region of Murcia and in high positions of the second or the first page for the rest of Spain.

In the various sections of this site, I show some of the designs for publicity, distributed by graphic design sections (ad design, logo design, drawings and photo montages) and web design that I´ve done so far by me or in cooperation with other companies, in which it is specified that are designed in collaboration, such as the pages made ​​with the company Red Litoral (Exomed) of Murcia.