Design of advertisements, stationery and posters

Poster Un Marido de Ida y VueltaPoster for the play "Un Marido de Ida y Vuelta"

Poster Un Marido de Ida y Vuelta

Poster Beware with Formal PeoplePoster of the play "Beware with Formal People"

Poster Beware with Formal People

Viva Suecia 2014 tour AnnouncementDesign advertisement for the start of the 2014 tour of Viva Suecia Murcia music band

Viva Suecia 2014 tour Announcement

Flyer design for La FabricaFlyer design made ​​for La Fabrica using the photo editing program Adobe Photoshop.

Flyer design for La Fabrica

CD design for Clínica Dental FerrandoCD label design for Clínica Dental Ferrando

CD design for Clínica Dental Ferrando

Direct Computing announcement designDirect Computing announcement design, performed with the graphics program Corel-Draw.

Direct Computing announcement design

Gesfica Intermediation announcement designAnnouncement design for the Gesfica Intermediation company, made using the graphics program Corel-Draw.

Gesfica Intermediation announcement design

Assistant Environmental Company announcement designAssistant Environmental Company design design, performed with Corel-Draw the graphics program.

Assistant Environmental Company announcement design

Luyedu Facilities announcement designAnnouncement design for the company Luyedu Facilities, performed using Corel-Draw the graphics program

Luyedu Facilities announcement design

Formas Salón Belleza announcement designFormas Salón Belleza announcement design, performed using the graphics program Corel-Draw.

Formas Salón Belleza announcement design

Graphic Design: announcements and stationery for printing. The importance of a good publicity

In the field of graphic design, the performance of ads design and stationery or print media for the company advertising, is a very important stage in the design process, which requires an understanding, by the designer, of how the company is looking for the advertisement. Adaptation of logos for printing in all kind of documents, is also necessary and important, in creating a good publicity, as it will be the face and soul for the company, until this relates directly to the end customer.

On this page I show some of the ads and advertising that I´ve done so far. These ads are designed using the Corel-Draw graphics program and its complement for photo retouching Corel Photo-Paint, or Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop programs.

Some of these ad designs (the oldest) were designed for the attachment of the magazine advertising and documentary overview for municipalities and local police (SPM - Subscriptions Advertising and Marketing) from Murcia, where I´ve been working previously.

Banglets: Graphic design, ads design, stationery, posters and adaptation of logos for printing. The importance of good publicity