Viva Suecia 2014 tour Announcement

Viva Suecia 2014 tour Click to enlarge

Announcement design for the start of the tour 2014 Viva Suecia

Using a photograph of Börg Bjork swedish ex tennis player campaign image for the start of the tour 2014 of Viva Suecia group.

This image was to be used mainly in social networks and because the most popular show only a portion of the image and cut it to size or another depending on whether the visitor accesses the site with mobile phone or computer, I was obliged to placing all relevant information at the top of the ad so that was always visible.

I turned the image of the es tennis player horizontally and its racket vertically to not appear to reverse the abbreviation VS. Turning and adapting the image I was able to have a greater dynamism.

As for the fonts used, due to its readability I used Helvetica typeface in its variants Helvetica LT condensed and HelveticaNeue LT 25 ultlight.

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