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  • Web design
    Designer in Murcia specializing in web design and SEO optimization to promote search engine positioning, experience in html, php and css.

  • Banglets: Graphic and web design and SEO optimization
    Banglets: more than 15 years of experience in graphic design and web design and expert in search engine positioning through SEO optimization in Murcia.

  • Ads design
    Banglets: Graphic design, ads design, stationery, posters and adaptation of logos for printing. The importance of good publicity.

  • Logo design
    Logo design and corporate image for companies, creation of logos for marketing products of all kinds.

  • Drawings and paintings
    Selection of drawings, illustrations and paintings on paper or other media, using different painting techniques.

  • Photomontages
    Photomontages, design of photomontages by uniting of different pictures using photo editing and illustration software.

  • Music
    A selection of recordings of music, songs and recorded solo, with groups I've been with or with my current group The Grim Line.

  • Resume
    Curriculum of graphic designer, web designer, multimedia design and SEO expert in Murcia.

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