SEO optimization of the web site home page

Changing the website design and functionality, of the official store of Swatch online sales in Murcia,

SEO Optimization in collaboration with Bitmarketing of the website for search engines, creating new categories, adding the menu, along with other modifications ...

The first thing that I made was the friendly url systen of the page and adding automatic text depending on the selected category, bijoux (rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings) or watches. Later I was responsible for the addition of text depending on the category-collection or section.

Also I programmed a change of url in php and mysql with two text fields, in the first appears the old url of the page, entering a new URL in another text field, the old page performs a 301 redirect directly to the new location.

Changing the website of the official online store of Swatch in Murcia,, SEO and redesign.

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