Photo montage "Somewhere"

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"Somewhere" photo montage, the road to nowhere

Photo montage made ​​with Corel Draw which includes a road, with a sign on the flag in wich you can read the text "Somewhere". The original title of this show is what brings the same title of the sign.

It´s and original photomontage made ​​by joining four different images, which are: the sky, the sign, the meadow and the road.

Viewers of this work is in the middle of a road (which is in the middle of nowhere), the end of which includes a white light, bright and pure, light symbolizing the end of the road, where surely all is well and everything ends for good, on the right, the sign flag indicates the site from where the protagonist comes, "somewhere", a place that may not exist and of which little is known.

"Somewhere" photomontage, the road to nowhere, made by joining different pictures using photo editing software

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