Photomontage "Stairway to heaven"

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Photomontage "Stairway to Heaven", a ladder with religious overtones

Photo montage made ​​with Corel Draw the illustration program, showing a drawing of a ladder from the earth, rises into the sky and on top of this: a light. For this montage I used at least three different images, the sky, the earth and the ladder.

This photomontage represents the stairway to salvation, by which it can reach the sky. This majestic ladder that rises from the earth, comes to the point of enlightenment, where what is sought, the ladder, made of wood, is a difficult and winding road, hard to follow, after which will have the reward.

Photo montage "Stairway to Heaven", a ladder with religious overtones, created by the union of different pictures using photo editing software

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