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Design of Bañored.com website, a catalog-directory of bathroom stores

After creating Globalbathroom, will change this by a simple online store selling bath products and all the stores that were listed in it, became part of the Bañored website content.

As the destination of Bañored was clear from the beginning and taking into account the amount of bathroom stores that appeared already listed, it was easy to position for the main keyword "bathroom stores", getting to appear well positioned in Google from the beginning by this combination of keywords.

For web design, this site is not for frills used as it was a simple online directory, in which the most important was the content.

The stores themselves, throughout Spain, are responsible for creating the content up products, up to 10 pictures of their store, custom products and modifying existing product prices. For this, due to the large number of stores and products listed for each store, I opt for a system in php witch stored in text files on the server, the different prices associated with the product id.

Design and programming of bañored.com website, an online directory of bathroom stores throughout Spain

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